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Fear of World Domination #WDS2013

By on Jul 13, 2013 in Blog | 0 comments

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A few days post WDS (World Domination Summit) 2013 and I’m still processing the whirlwind of emotions, experiences, ideas that have full on flooded my heart and mind. This was my second year at WDS, and while the experience was very different from the first, the impact has been just as profound.

This morning I spent a few hours reading through some of the post event blogs/stories shared by other attendees. There was a common theme amongst almost all of them: awe, inspiration, and excitement. While reading these, I become acutely aware of something missing – something I am feeling that hasn’t been mentioned: fear.

I am scared shitless. I’m not saying this because I’m looking for reassurance, but because I think it’s important to acknowledge that this is SCARY SHIT. Meeting your greatest potential as an individual and contributor in the world is, in my opinion, the huge order – and with the enormity of that comes a healthy dose of fear.  Note that I use the word healthy, I’m going to borrow from one Gretchen Rubin’s golden nuggets here: “Fear is real and normal.” I’ve been so busy running away from fear; I’ve been ignoring that it’s been trying to tell me. In this case, fear is one of the surest ways I know I’m on track. It keeps me alert, and if I look at it carefully I recognize that it’s here because I’m scratching at my shame and poking at the deepest core of myself (hat tip: Donald Miller). What if I chicken out? What if, after a few days, weeks, months, I default back to self-numbing with crappy TV and distract myself with endless to-do’s and task lists? What if I’m just a big old scaredy cat that’s going to dream big and live small? That’s what I’m up against – the old me that’s been letting my #CounterMind drive this train for 32 years.

I know that these fears aren’t my truth but they’re there, just the same. The truth is, I’m in charge of who I am and who I become. But sometimes, I need to double check under the bed for monsters just to be sure.

I’m curious – is anyone else having a similar post #WDS2013 reaction/experience? What does fear mean to you? How do you manage/cope with it?

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